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From: Adam Jabbar
Subject: Gay 4 Pay - Chapter 2DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts, voyeurism, and themes of incest. If this content
offends you pron 86 or you are under the age of 18, do not continue reading.Author's Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading or sent to a friend. If any party wishes to
re-post the story on a separate website, please contact the author for
permission. Feedback to the author is appreciated.First Published 2010, Revised 2011 (c) Adam Jabbar. All rights reserved.
The author may be contacted at redrover.shortstopgmail.com.***********************************************************************Gay 4 Pay - chapter 2By
Adam Jabbar The cameraman threw a towel to Skyler so he could wipe off the lube
on Nick's cock. Nick had lubed it up really well. I guess he likes it wet
and slippery. Skyler was gentle, rubbing Nick's dick slowly but still
firm. Then Skyler threw the towel to the side and turned his baseball cap
around. Nick's dick was slightly limp when it disappeared into Skyler's
wide mouth. I tensed with excitement at this forbidden urge to enjoy
myself. My own son became a pulsating cock in another boy's mouth, being
pleasured asian 16 tgp and stimulated.
The camera got closer to see the plump lips grasp 30 sec board chicks around the
circumference 40 old babe
of his cock. Skyler's eyes closed, indulging in the taste of
dick. He licked down to Nick's balls and squeezed each one with his gentle
lips. Skyler was putting ford escort mk1 mexico
on a show. He stopped for a moment to slip off his
muscle shirt over his baseball cap, revealing all his vulgar tattoos.
Nick jolted slightly when Skyler went down on his whole cock. It
must've been good. The camera pulled to Nick's expression. He was looking
down with interest at his cock being serviced. Almost studying it. Perhaps
he was thinking it was like a girl. Perhaps he was thinking it was better
than a girl.
The camera jostled around the duo. Skyler's cargo shorts found
themselves unzipped. His hand massaged his own cock in his shorts, the
other hand wrapped around Nick's balls.
"You like it?" the cameraman asked. Nick didn't hear at first, he
was staring at Skyler's bouncing head.
The cameraman laughed that he caught Nick mesmerized.
"I asked if you liked it," he repeated.
"It's... um... "
"Good, right?"
Nick didn't answer, 15 y.o. pic not ready to admit enjoyment yet. But he wasn't
hiding it well. He carefully put his left hand on Skyler's bare
shoulder. His chest was also heaving more now. He put his other hand on his
stomach as he got comfortable.
"You two wanna switch places now?" the cameraman asked.
"What?" It was as 12 and pregnent interveiw if someone slammed the panic button inside
Nick. The cameraman laughed again, enjoying Nick's discomfort.
"I'm not sucking anything!" Nick exclaimed. Skyler then stopped
sucking to hear the discussion.
"You sure?" the cameraman asked.
"I'm amplitube 3 torrent mac positive! I mean I'm new to this. This is too much already. I
can't go down on a guy."
"Okay, I know what it is. You want another $100." The cameraman
said. At those words, Nick started to rub his head. Anything with a dollar
sign obviously made him think. But despite the money, he remained defiant.
"I can't... I just can't... sorry if you wanted a blowjob..." he
said to Skyler, who thought it was funny.
The cameraman jumped in again, "Change of plans. All right, no
blowjob. Something different."
"Oh, God man!" Nick yelled.
"Here me out. $100 if you let Skyler eat out your ass."
Nick stared calculating every word to make sure he heard everything
right. Skyler propped his arm on the couch, curious to see what Nick was
going to say.
"You mean, he puts his mouth on my butt hole?"
"... And munches and licks to his heart's delight," the cameraman
"Oh my God, this is too much," Nick said. "I've never even imagined
a girl doing that to me."
"You're missing out," Skyler finally said. Nick looked down at him
to make sure he 6 peg puzzle solution heard him right.
"Once you get your asshole licked, you will go out and pay for it
if you have too," he said.
Finally Nick giggled at something, possibly the concept of paying
for an ass eater. The cameraman decided to ride on his good humor.
"You can't tell me that you're not fuck th3 w0rld worm
a little curious. If Skyler's
willing to do it, there must be something to it."
Skyler started to massage Nick's fuzzy leg and looked up at him.
"Another $100?" Nick asked.
"That's what I said," replied the cameraman. "You ready?"
Nick didn't say anything. The cameraman pressed, "You ready?"
With a deep sigh, Nick said, "Fine. What do you want me to do?"
Without warning the scene was edited from Nick on the couch, to a
close up shot of Nick's bare ass. It caught me off guard. Nick was slowly
bending over against a wall mirror. The cheeks were smooth with some light
hair going inside the dark crevice of his ass. It was slightly whiter than
the tan above his waist. He looked so vulnerable with his back turned and
his ass being offered up. I could see his face through the mirror, still
apprehensive, but still participating.
Off camera, I could 34 week premature twins hear clothes being rustled. Freshly stripped
Skyler walked ben 10 sex gwen into frame and knelt down behind 5172 panties Nick. When Skyler's hands
touched his butt checks, Nick jolted in surprise.
"Relax Evan, relax," said the cameraman. "All you do is lean
forward, and he'll do the rest. Okay?"
Nick just did what he was told. He rested his head on the mirror. I
didn't see much of his face after that. The camera got right next to
Skyler's face and Nick's ass. Skyler separated 12 y.o. nude pic the cheeks to reveal a pink
world I hadn't seen since I changed board9 cgiworld paran com
Nick's diapers. Skyler pulled Nick
closer to him to make him bend a little more, which made his ass spread
wider. In the center was the tight elastic hole that was a small crater of
forbidden delights. The camera zoomed in on Nick's hole.
Then a finger came into the shot to rub the surface of it, soft and
circular. The rosebud hole pulsated a little from Nick's squeamishness. The
finger kept moving around the tightened, wrinkly skin. The camera took a
step back so that Skyler could begin. The boy's shaggy head came in with
his tongue leading the incest 14yr old daughter charge. Nick reacted to the wet tongue with a
Relax boy, relax. My chest was heaving and I had sweat on my
neck. I was this far into the video. I wasn't turning back now, not for
Nick, not for decency, 12yo boys porn not for anything.
Skyler's tongue went for the kill and started from below his hole
to the top of his crack. He licked it with a potent lust. Soon both of
Nick's bare cheeks were flanking Skyler's face. He pressed his mouth right
up against Nick's hole. He made slurping, munching sounds.
"Oooh. Oh, man," Nick said. "What the...? Oh my God..."
"How about that, huh?" the cameraman whispered. "Bend a little
more." Nick was quick to obey. His face went lower down the mirror and his
ass blossomed with its pink meaty glory. The camera tilted down to Skyler
stroking his own cock. Skyler's dick was longer than Nick's about an inch
or two.
The camera tilted up and moved to see Nick still pressed against
the mirror. His breath was fogging the mirror.
"Do you like?" the cameraman asked. Nick seemed hesitant. "Come on,
like it. You can't turn back now."
"It's... good."
"That's right. Moan a little."
On cue, Nick did just that. It sounded pent up.
"Stroke your dick," whispered the cameraman.
The idea sounded like a good one and Nick went straight to
work. The shot widened far back to show the hottest sight I've ever seen-my
son bent over with his ass being eaten out by a shaggy-haired young man,
and both were stroking their cocks. This is what young men are made for.
My hand found it's way into my briefs and brought out my own
dick. It sprung out and I jerked it slowly. All the while, I stared
mesmerized at the earthly delights of young flesh. Something ached inside
to return to a time long since past. To be young again!
"Ahh..." Nick was huffed in euphoria. "Make it wet."
I could hear Skyler's moans muffled by Nick's ass cheeks. The
cameraman was very familiar board9 cgiworld paran com
with that sound and he moved the camera closer
to Skyler's cock.
"Let it flow, boy. Let it flow," was all the cameraman
said. Skyler's hand jerked the uncircumcised sausage with a fury until
finally there was a rope of flying cum hitting the carpet. Another jet of
cum came asian 16 tgp
out. Followed by a good glob that trickled out incest 14yr old daughter
onto his
knuckles. One more sudden burst erupted. He moaned and groaned with every
shot. The whole time, his face remained buried in Nick's ass.
The camera did a little close up of the gooey spooge on the
carpet. Skyler squeezed what he could to add to the puddle. Finally he
pulled his face free from Nick's ass to take a deep breath of relief. The
camera went in to see Nick's rosebud pucker glazed with a layer of
saliva. The inner ass glistened a shiny polished pink. The dark hairs
inside his ass were matted together.
The ass bounced slightly 1980 gay porn in the camera lens since Nick was still
beating off. He finally stood up straight. The camera pulled from Nick's
ass 14 sex pic to his crotch to do an up shot from his cock. Nick's face was at the
top of the screen, his lips were parted, his eyes were closed, his chest
heaved, his torso was sweaty and his hand beat like a jackhammer on his
Then I heard Nick make a moan I never heard him make. It was almost
a pleading sound, restless and relieved at the same time. In a harsh
whisper, he said, "I'm going to cum."
"Smear it on the mirror for me," was the only order he was given.
He beat vigorously as he inched closer to the glass. Then there was
more of that haunting moan that melted me as a father and as an admirer. He
cocked his 14yo porn pic
head up with his eyes still closed. Then with one swift burst, a
splash of cum hit the mirror, followed by another glob. His head fell and
leaned against the mirror for stability as the third rope shot out. His
body shuddered and his knees almost buckled. He looked so weak all of a
sudden. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around his bare sweaty body and
care for him.
Some more juice dribbled out but didn't reach the glass. When it
was all done, he panted for air and opened his watery eyes. He saw the
camera once and then looked away. He backed away as the camera zoomed in
for Nick's cum on the mirror.
There they were, my grandkids. And damn they looked delicious.
"Wow, look at all the cum Evan. How long have your balls been
storing that load?" Nick just wiggled his dick to 15 yo porn pics shake off any more juice
and then smeared his cock head on the mirror for effect.
"You want to make another $50 Nick?"
"What this time?" he asked cautiously.
"I want to see you kneel down, and give a good lick of that
"Um..." but before Nick could put some thought to it...
"$75," said the cameraman. Nick looked at his spooge on the mirror
for a second or two.
"I'll do it," Skyler said still kneeling on the ground.
"You would've done it for $20," the cameraman joked. "How about
this? You both get $75, if you both lick up the cum."
"At the same time?" Nick asked.
"You just got your dick sucked by a guy, at this point a little
tongue action can't be all that bad. If you don't want to, Skyler will get
all the money."
"Okay, I'll do it," Nick hustled in his answer quickly. Without
another thought, he got on his knees and placed his face in front of the
cum streaks. Skyler moved on Nick's right and started lapping up the
juice. Nick's tongue pushed itself on the cum with some effort. The camera
got in really close between the two boys' faces as they licked away.
"Closer..." the cameraman ordered. They both moved so close that
Skyler's tongue licked Nick's lips. There was 15 yo pics porn a drop of spooge between
their faces and in one nonude 15 perfect move they both licked it at the same time,
touching tongues. Soon the cum was all gone.
Skyler's eyes were looking straight at Nick. It was a look I
understood very well back in my college days. Nick was still a little
uneasy, but he smiled at the camera as he rubbed his forehead. They anal tube 4 free all
laughed at what they just did.
"Ever taste your own cum, Evan?" free erotic mp3 files the cameraman asked.
"Yeah... but just as a taste." Nick paused for a second to see
Skyler, whose eyes never moved away.
"Salty," was all Skyler said.
"So did you have fun for your first time?" the cameraman asked.
"Yeah. I mean... it was definitely an experience."
"So we'll see you again, right?"
Nick laughed. "No, I don't think I'll be doing this again."
"You sure, you say that now. You're really good at this."
"You think?"
"Plus the money gets better."
"It does?"
"Oh, yeah," said the cameraman. There was a slight pause as Nick
mulled over a response. "I got your attention, huh?"
"Well..." Nick had a guilty smile.
"But you have to do more the 30 galleries sexy nu next time."
"Like what?"
"You've seen what Skyler 30 sec board chicks
is willing to do."
"Um..." Nick started. "I'll see how I'm doing with money and I'll
let you know."
"Fair enough. Can you boys give a wave for the camera?"
Both did so, Skyler gave a peace sign and winked. Then it just
faded to black.
I sat with my own cum all over my hand and my khakis. I breathed a
sigh of relief before I got up to change my pants and wash up. I tried to
reason out what I sexy 3gp hot just jacked off to. Should I be angry with myself? Should
I be angry with Nick? There was no denying that 1987 missing exotic dancer I liked it. And then there
was the body of my boy. It pulsated with life as I pulsated with lust.
I went back to my office to fix things up before my wife got
home. I cleared my head and checked my email. To my surprise I saw Nick had
actually sent me an email-possibly while I was watching his video.
It read:hey dad
i just wnted to drop another line to u. everythings great out here but
its really xpensive. mom says no more $ and she wont let me talk to u. come
on dad im doing some crazy stuff just to get by. anal tube 4 free
you don't want to see your
broke son get desperate do u?nick
I thought about his message. Any other self-respecting father would
never let his son fuck another guy for money. But then again I just jacked
off to my son jizzing on a mirror while getting his bare ass eaten out by a
frat boy covered in tattoos. The idea of a dick in his mouth this time made
my own mouth water. Let's see if he can be as perverted as alt universe babylon 5 his old man in
his next video.
I typed a message back:Son,
You know I love you very much and I'm proud of you. But it has come to
my attention that you need to go out there and 80 nude centerfolds
work your assets. I'm sure
you've been offered good-paying opportunities already. 2 in the cunt Don't hesitate to
try new things. The money can come easy if you're willing to kneel to the
big opportunities hanging in front of you. Just reach out and grab it, and
milk it for all it's worth. Who knows, the experience might unlock the
hidden man you didn't even amateur cherries 54 know you were.love, dad***********************************************************************All feedback to the author is appreciated and can be sent to
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